The 5 "Best" Restaurants in Toronto

Based off of the reviews posted by EliteTraveler ( 

I recently was introduced to the whole concept of "Michelin Stars" which is a way of crediting how good a restaurant is based off of food only whereas other review sources such as Yelp, for example, can pretty much review a restaurant based off the service alone if they wanted to.

I decided to look up Michelin restaurants here in Toronto only to find out that this review system is not available in Canada.

Instead of finding what I was looking for, I found an article that popped up in my Google search called "The 5 Best Restaurants in Toronto".

In this list the 5 restaurants were labelled the best in Toronto:

  1. The 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower
  2. Rosewater
  3. Sassafraz
  4. Canoe
  5. Origin 
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If you read closely, this review is based on the style and ambience of the restaurant in general rather than the food which can confuse a lot of people. 

As much as I love a fancy looking restaurant, I have learned to appreciate food quality more. Yes, you could probably take more Instagram worthy photos but why waste your money on expensive food that does not taste that great for a social media photo? 

The restaurants that were listed all have beautiful interiors and/or amazing views of the city but when it comes down to what really matters, I don't think they would even be close to earning any Michelin Stars... except for maybe Rosewater and Sassafraz -- they have pretty good food!