Alyssa Romualdi

Meet Alyssa Romualdi.

@alyssaandcoevents on Instagram

@alyssaandcoevents on Instagram


At the young age of 24, Alyssa Romualdi is the Creative Director of her own company, Alyssa &Co. Events, which is an event planning and styling boutique. Alyssa & Co. Events provides other services like full or partial event planning and management, floral designs, logistics, risk management, budgeting, vendor negotiation and contracting. 

Not only is she the Creative Director of Alyssa & Co. Events, she is also the owner of AylaMor, a women's swimwear line. "I love the beach. When my weekends are 'eventless', you can find me by the shore," said Romualdi. 

Romualdi attended York University for her Undergraduate Program. She graduated as a Dean's List Scholar, and earned her Honours Double Major Degree in Psychology and English. After graduating, her initial plan was to go to Grad School to pursue the career of becoming a professor of Neuropsychology. Shortly after, she realized it wasn't for her.

I excelled academically, but my passion for the field was lacking significantly,” said Romualdi. “I tell everyone I know that if you don’t have a passion for something, you will never be happy doing it.

While Romualdi was in school, she was also working at a restaurant called Brookelynn for almost ten years, and she said that it never felt like work.

"I had a smile on my face from the start of my shift until the end," she said. "Hospitality was the field I truly had a passion for and it was right under my nose the entire time!"

Her time at Brookelynn allowed her to grow her social network and opened her up to clients. She became someone who people came to if they wanted to host a luncheon or a birthday party. 

"It was then that I decided to launch my own company and go back to school. I took a 7 month program at Humber College and earned myself a Post Graduate Certificate in Event Management," said the 24 year- old. "Small soirees quickly turned into 400+ weddings, and well, here I am!"

While Alyssa & Co. Events may be new to the market, Romualdi's desire and passion for event planning has always been with her. 

"Growing up, I was always very much involved in charity events. I hosted my first fundraiser at the young age of 15 and through that I found a passion for philanthropic work," she said.

The event planner has worked with organizations such as Sick Kids, Ovarian Cancer Canada, and Rainbows Canada. Her passion for event planning combined with her compassion for helping others in need made her happy with what she was doing career- wise. 

My love for helping others flourished into helping them create their dream events, and that’s when I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

Alyssa & Co. Events is made up of vendors that work together. "I am so fortunate to work in partnership with [them], as well as my Junior Event Coordinator and my "go-to" and life saver, Alessia Dall'Agnese," said Romualdi. 

Q. What tips do you have for any aspiring event planners?

A. Push through it. Starting your own company is never easy. You are a one (wo)man show—you are in charge of marketing, accounting, logistics, the execution of the company and the service you provide plus so much more. Embrace failure. You will encounter challenges with every event that you do but you will always learn from them. Utilize that knowledge to improve and be the best that you can possibly be. 

Q. How can people hire you for future events?

A. If people are interested in hiring me, they can contact me directly at The process from that point forward would be to book a consultation wherefore we will be able to craft a package that best suits their needs, and then of course, get planning!

Here's a sneak peak of a beautiful classy boho wedding that Alyssa & Co. Events put together.