Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette

In the makeup world, glowing is the one of the big trending obsessions. Over the past year, every brand has been releasing new highlighting products and palettes, that are designed to make you look like you are lit from within, and have a dewy and healthy glow. Highlighting is not a new concept to the industry, but many brands have put out a variety of highlighters for people to purchase. But, some brands have not been up to par with their highlighters and the look people are going for. Also, the amazing highlighters that everyone has been raving about, such as BECCA and Anastasia Beverly Hills, tend to fall higher than a 50$ price range, which really breaks the bank. 

As someone who is a highlighter fanatic, and all about the sparkle and glow of my makeup look, I was on the hunt for a palette that I would get the best deal and performance on. For the past couple of months, everyday I have been constantly reaching for my Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette, whether I use it on its own or topped with another highlighter. After using it for the first time, I was incredibly shocked with the performance of this palette, especially because there is 6 pans and it was only 35$ CAD, averaging out to about 5.80$CAD per pan. Also, each pan contains about 3.48 g of product, which lasts for a very long time (especially for a highlighter). The colour variety is extremely versatile, as you have a white, light champagne, bronze, 2 pinks (one deeper and one lighter), and well as another nude shimmer. These colours look great on any skin tone, and you can mix them together to achieve ultimate glow. 


The formula of this product is another thing I was really impressed by, because it was a very buttery and smooth consistency. It wasn't chunky, and it applies to the skin without patching or grabbing to any dry spots. It layers beautifully, and I was really impressed because I feel that this palette hasn't gotten a lot of recognition or appreciation, and the Sephora brand is often over looked. 


If you love highlighters or are looking for an everyday highlighting palette, I highly recommend this one. It performs well and is extremely affordable. 

Lexy Benedict