JUNO! APP: Why you need to check it out

Within recent years, apps that have been photo and location based have been extremely popular. It has been a new obsession to constantly be updated one what people are doing, where people are going- and to constantly be in the loop. With apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, and now Facebook stories, it has been accessible to basically be in more than one place at a time. 

Photo via Apple App Store

Photo via Apple App Store

Released in April, JUNO is a new (and free) app that is different from the classic Snapchat and Instagram stories. According to Ryerson University student, Taimur Malik, who helped with the creation of his friends new app, JUNO is an app that focuses on location based stories. 

It allows users to upload photos or videos that last for 48 hours. So you can explore what is happening around in different locations,
— Taimur Malik

Malik said that the perk of this app is that you can be at home, and have the ability to see what people are posting at the different parties happening in town that night, or at a concert etc. It is different than Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat because it focuses on what other students are doing in real life and time around you. 

JUNO is also strictly for university students, which makes it easier to interact with people you go to school with or who attend other universities. The app also allows you to comment and post on stories, and match or connect with other students. 

Malik, 22, said that his friend, who created the app, is an extremely talented programmer. So far, the app has around 1500 users. 

"When we launched, we did not have the map view on for the first 2 weeks, we waited until we hit 1000 users before releasing it," said Malik. "We are a pretty consumer obsessed startup, we love getting user feedback and we are constantly working on improving the app." 

What comes next for the creators of JUNO? Malik said that their summer goal is to get around 10K downloads and over 1000 active users. "We are currently open to students in all universities and colleges in the GTA, and we want to expand it to high schools as well," said Malik.

"If we are able to hit the user goals, we plan to launch and replicate the model over all major cities in Canada and Fall 2017."

Photo via Apple App Store

Photo via Apple App Store

The app is definitely something new and worth checking out- especially if you are a social media junkie. t's a new and great way to connect with students in your area, and it is totally safe. 

Lexy Benedict