Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern Cuisine has been a pretty strong craving these last couple of weeks. The Tabule restaurant that I went to was located in Riverside (Queen St. E). Apart from the delicious food that is served here, it is hard to miss the beautiful interior that this restaurant shows off. In the last few restaurant posts I wrote, I never really mentioned much about the interiors because I wanted to focus more on the food rather than anything else. But my oh my! if you ever decided to go to this restaurant you will fall in love with the decor. Talk about texrures! Tabule is full of rich texture and colour. Almost everything has some sort of geometric pattern to it. There are hand-painted Arabic details of black and turquoise which is absolutely beautiful. Very vibrant in my opinion. I think this restaurant is amazing hands down. From the food to the overall space itself. Definitely a place I would recommend. You can either be casual or dress up for this place too which is perfect for any mood you may be in!